SAML Service Provider

SAML Service Provider


How can I use a 3rd Party service (such as ADFS, Office365, or OneLogin) to SSO into UW?


The SAML Service Provider (SP) features allows another Identity Provider (IDP) to single sign-on into Unified Workspace using SAML for a seamless sign-on experience.

Please see the SAML Service Provider Documentation for information on enabling SAML SP inside of UW:

Please see the following Articles on how to configure the following 3rd Party IDPs:

Once you have UW configured for SAML SP, you will want to configure UW to force users to use your 3rd Party IDP login page.

Create a redirect file and place it in the webserv folder on your relays.

We've used the file, attached to this article.
  1. Edit the redirectSamlSP.jsp and change the redirect URL to point to your IDP SAML login.
  2. Copy the file to your relay servers: c:\UnifiedWorkspace\webserv\custom\redirectSamlSP.jsp
  3. Create a Virtual Host entry on relay object's Options tab that redirects user to the redirectSamlSP.jsp
    Such as: <YOUR_UW_URL>/custom/redirectSamlSP.jsp

    Note: Adding the Virtual Host requires restarting UW.
Now when the user browses to <YOUR_UW_URL>, they are redirected to the login page you set in your redirect jsp.

It is also a good idea to set the the Redirect URL After Logout option, on the tenant, so that it redirects the user back to the SAML login page when the user logs out of UW.
  1. Expand Customization Center
  2. Expand Tenants
  3. Expand [Default] tenant object
  4. Select Global Settings
  5. Choose Redirect URL After Logout
  6. Change the value to the URL you go to, to log out of your IDP.
  7. For example:
  8. Click Save

To prevent users from going directly to https://<YOUR_UA_URL>/LoginPolicy.jsp, rename c:\UnifiedWorkspace\webserv\LoginPolicy.jsp and c:\UnifiedWorkspace\webserv\NoLoginPolicy.jsp to something unique, that you can remember.  This gives you an alternative login method if there is a problem with the IDP.
Note: When you perform an upgrade, these two files will be recreated, so you'll have to rename them again afterwards.

If you missed this part, under the SAML SP Advanced Concepts:
Login Script on the profile, to sync the users password

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