Remove Unified Workspace from Network

Remove Unified Workspace from Network

Unified Workspace (formerly webNetwork) is no longer used on our network.  How do we go about removing it from our servers and Active Directory?

With a traditional, in the Directory, Unified Workspace (webNetwork) installation, there are two places where Unified Workspace resides.
  1. The Unified Workspace code installed on the dedicated servers
  2. The Extended Directory Schema

To remove UW from your servers, you would just need to remove the webNetwork service from Windows using our webNetwork Service installation/removal utility.
This utility can be downloaded from the following URL:

Just extract the two files into the same folder on your UW server(s) and run the wnService.exe.

Once the UW Service has been removed, you can then delete the stoneware folder (c:\stoneware\).  UW is completely self-contained in that folder.

When it comes to removing UW from AD, we really do not have a guide or utility for removing UW from AD, as Microsoft does not have a nice way to remove the additional schema objects.

As long as you did not save any non-UW related objects in the stoneware OU, as well as not saving any UW related objects outside of the stoneware OU, you should be able to just delete the stoneware OU and all of the objects contained within.

For the additional Schema objects, please see the following article that discusses Microsoft's option for disabling them:

User and group objects will have some UW related attributes associated to them, holding last login time and such.  Removal of them, would require using an LDAP browser to scrub each object, if desired.

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