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            Why can't I see all of my students in the LanSchool Teacher Console?

            Problem: Why can't I see all of my students in the LanSchool Teacher Console?

            Cause: There are potentially a number of reasons why this can happen.

            • Access to your network switches and firewall.
            • LanSchool Teacher and Student
            The following information can be passed along to your IT Staff. To correct this problem, please ensure that these requirements are followed:
            • When using Peer to Peer mode, ensure that UDP ports 796/1053 and TCP ports 796/11796 are open on your network.
            • When using the LanSchool Connection Server, ensure your students and teacher are pointing to the Connection Server's static IP address and that they are visible on the LanSchool Connection Server status page. If they are not visible make sure TCP ports 8080 and 8085 are open on the server.
            • Verify that there are no personal firewalls blocking the LanSchool port. LanSchool configures the firewalls that are included with the OS to allow the necessary traffic, but there are a large number of third party firewalls which we do not automatically configure.
            • If your students are Chromebooks, make sure the LanSchool Connection Server is setup and running. You can find more information on setting up Chromebooks here.
            • Check to see if you have two or more Network Interface Cards (NICS) available, and if so, is the correct NIC being used. If your teacher or tech console has more than one NIC or is using a VM you can specify the network adapter by going to Administer>>Preferences>>Network. Select Specify Network Interface Card and select your NIC. If your LanSchool Connection Server has more than one NIC please see the following KB article
            • Verify that the Teacher and Student computers are on the same subnet. If they are on different subnets or wireless, then IP-Multicast or IP-Directed Broadcast must be enabled in the Network tab of the Preferences dialog on the Teacher Console.
            • If you are using a Cisco wireless access point, turn off the port-protection policy setting that blocks peer-to-peer traffic.

            Updated: 11 Jan 2019 07:06 AM
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