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            webRDP cannot connect to new Windows 10 workstations / Windows Server 2016 servers


            The HTML5 webRDP client will not connect to new Windows 10 workstations, but will connect to Windows 7 or Windows 8 workstations.

            Possible Errors:

            Received an error connecting to: <CN_OF_WEBAPP>


            Clean installations of Windows 10 now require SSL for RDP to connect.  Therefore the webApp must be updated to use SSL security.

            1. Open webAdmin Dashboard.
            2. Expand Applications Admin.
            3. Select the RDP webApp.
            4. Select the webApp's Options tab.
            5. In the webRDP HTML5 Client Parameter field click the green plus to add a new parameter.
            6. Click the Save button.

            *In the case of the Personal RDP webApp, it may be necessary to duplicate the webApp, calling it something like Personal RDP (Windows 10) to differentiate it for users that are required to have the SSL parameter added.  Once the SSL parameter is added, the webApp may not connect to workstations that do not require the SSL parameter.

            **You will also need to disable the NLA setting on the workstation, if it is still enabled, as that will also result in the same error message if enabled: Disabled Network Level Authentication requirement for Remote Desktop.

            ***Windows Server 2016 behaves the same way, requiring the sec=ssl parameter.

            Alternate Solution to use NLA

            If you would like to take advantage of using NLA the webApp must be configured to submit credentials.
            • The webApp's Authentication tab must have valid credentials or Stoneware Variables entered for the Username/Password fields.
            • The webApp's Authentication tab must have the Domain field filled in.
            • In the webRDP HTML5 Client Parameter field click add a new parameter.
            • sec=nla

            Updated: 14 Nov 2018 12:07 PM
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