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            webRDP 1.2 Released

             webRDP 1.2 has been released and is available for download via the Stoneware Customer Portal.

             webRDP 1.2 Release Notes


            Features & Enhancements

            ·          Clipboard file transfer now supported; both standalone and gateway versions of webRDP

            ·         New clipboard notification messages when the webRDP clipboard is updated with file or text (gateway version only)

            ·         Gateway session renegotiate now supported

            ·         Dynamic screen resizing supported on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac

            ·          Improved iOS, Android, and Windows 8 tablet/phone support (gateway version only)

            ·         Added a new Ctrl-Alt-Del button to the webRDP menu (gateway version only)


            Known issues

            ·         During a file transfer using the clipboard the file copies twice when the Windows Explorer window containing the file is closed (only affects the standalone Java client)

            ·         Chrome browser on desktops not reporting mobile mode in its agent string; therefore, webRDP HTML5 gateway does not enable mobile features, such as touch, on touch enabled devices we recommend using a browser that reports as mobile in the agent string

            ·         The Windows 8/8.1 device touch keyboard does not display automatically when a text field is focused when running in desktop mode. A user must manually show/hide the keyboard. This appears to be application specific, however, Chrome (v42) does show the system keyboard when a field is focused (in both app and desktop modes). Because webRDP HTML5 Gateway has no access to system resources, we are not able to force the keyboard to display if the browser itself does not already support this feature.

            ·         When remoting into a Windows 8.1 system a double click is required to launch the Windows start screen. The reason for this is the browser’s interpretation of the start button. The first touch applies a 'mouse over' state and causes the button to change color and gain focus. The second touch actually actions the button. The way it is interpreted is more akin to a desktop icon than a taskbar program/button.

            ·         See case 14568 https://connect.microsoft.com/IE/feedbackdetail/view/952951/settimeout-setinterval-timers-are-paused-while-file-selection-dialog-is-open


            Fixes & Improvements

            ·         Updated webRDP’s Java servlet engine to Jetty 9 and Cometd 3

            ·         Improved the way zoom and scroll behaves on mobile devices

            ·         Improved touch and hold click events on mobile devices

            ·         Fixed a number of keyboard issues on mobile devices

            ·         Added disable parameters for keyboard, clipboard, and dynamic resizing

            ·         Fixed an issues where when on mobile devices changing screen orientation causes the remote screen to shrink and not fill the device screen, same when the device keyboard is opened

            ·         Fixed an issue with high resolutions causing image distortion

            ·         Fixed an issue with the webRDP menu button not responding to initial click

            ·         Fixed an issues with the webRDP menu that, when expanded, was blocking click events in all coordinates found at the same horizontal plane as the menu

            ·         Added the ability to remember last used keyboard type


            Updated: 10 Oct 2018 10:35 AM
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