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            Deploying Chromebooks with the Google Admin Console

            Problem: How to install and configure the LanSchool Student using the Google Admin Console.

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            • Google Admin Console
            • LanSchool Connection Service
            The LanSchool Connection Service (LCS) should be installed and set up before continuing with the software installation below. If you have any questions or problems setting up the LCS server, please contact your LanSchool sales or support representative.

            NOTE: You will need to have a Google Apps account for Education, or a Google Apps account for Business. These accounts allow you to manage various applications and services for chrome devices and users. For more information on Google Apps accounts please see https://www.google.com/edu/products/productivity-tools/.

            To deploy the LanSchool Student and LanSchool WebHelper applications to the student accounts, please see the following steps:

            1. Sign into your Google Apps Admin Console at https://admin.google.com/
            2. From the Admin Console Home, navigate to Device Management
            3. Select Chrome Management
            4. Select User Settings
            5. Next select the Organization Unit (OU) or sub-OU that contains the student accounts that will be using LanSchool
              • Scroll down to Force-installed Apps and Extensions and click the Manage force installed apps link
              • Select Chrome Web Store and enter LanSchool in the search window. When the search completes, you should see two applications in the list: LanSchool Student and LanSchool WebHelper
              • Click on Add next to each of these, then select Save

            To configure the settings for the LanSchool Student app, please see the following steps:

            1. First create the configuration file you want to use. This is a text file and should be saved to your local hard drive before continuing to the next step. To generate a new configuration file please follow this link, http://files.lenovosoftware.com/lanschool/createchromebooksettings/
            2. From the Admin Console Home, navigate to Device Management
            3. Select Chrome Management
            4. Select App Management
            5. Locate LanSchool Student and click on it.
            6. Select User Settings
            7. Next select the OU you want to configure the user settings for.
              NOTE: You can configure different settings for each OU you have defined.
            8. In the configuration settings window select Upload Configuration File.
            9. Upload the configuration file you created and saved in Step 1.
            10. Next select Save

            To test your settings, please see the following steps:
            1. Log into a Chromebook using one of the student accounts that is included in your OU.
            2. Open the Chrome browser and type in chrome://policy This should open the policy display for that user account.
            3. Select Reload Policies to ensure you have the latest policy configuration.
            4. Select the checkbox to the right that says Show policies with no value set
            5. Scroll down to the section that shows the configuration for the LanSchool Student  
            6. You should see each of the policy settings that you have configured from configuration file you uploaded.
            7. If you do not see your configuration settings please check the following:
              1. Did you log in as a user assigned to the OU you set the policy for?
              2. Is there an error in the policy file?
                NOTE: Currently the admin console does not warn on errors. You can check your policy file format by testing it at https://jsonlint.com/.
              3. Did you forget to select Save after uploading the configuration file?

            Additional suggestions for setting up student accounts in the Google Admin Console

            In Device Management > Chrome > User Settings:
            • Disable “Incognito mode” – It is recommended that you disable “Incognito mode” on student accounts. Students can use this mode to get around the web limiting restrictions imposed by the LanSchool Student software.
            • Disable “Developer Tools” - It is recommended that you disable the developer tools access in student accounts. If allowed, savvy students will be able to temporarily modify or disable the student application while using the developer tools built into the Chrome browser.

            Updated: 30 Nov 2018 07:39 AM
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