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            How can I use webRDP with a proxy server to get connect to a remote RDP desktop?

            Stoneware's webRDP can work with proxy servers and socks servers.  We test webRDP using the open source Squid proxy server.

            Please reference the webRDP manual to learn about proxy support.  The manual can be found here.

            A sample squid configuration file can be downloaded from here.

            This configuration file came from an OpenSuse server and was configured using Yast.

            This server has an internal ip of : 
            443 is the ssl port
            3128 is the non ssl port

            Lines 280 -289 is where we configured it to talk to an eDirectory LDAP server for authentication. is that servers ip number

            Lines 611-627 are where the ports are configured to allow through the proxy server.

            Lines 653-660 define some minimal security.

            Once working you probably want to uncomment line 666 per the recommendations.

            Line 905 turns on port 3128
            Line 1011 turns on 443 with a ssl cert.

            The rest of this file is defaults from the Linux install.

            If you are using self-signed certificates, please read the following KB on how to tell webRDP to accept self-signed certificates.

            If you want to encrypt the password for the proxy connection you can use the passGen program to encrypt the message.  This document explains its use.URL explains its use. 

            Updated: 10 Oct 2018 12:26 PM
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