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            Common webRDP Questions

            List of common webRDP questions:

            Q: Where can I find the latest manual for webRDP? 
            A: https://www.lenovosoftware.com/support/webrdp/documentation

            Q: Where can I find examples of how to launch the webRDP client in html/jsp? 
            A: Examples can be found in the Product Guides available here:  https://www.lenovosoftware.com/support/webrdp/documentation
            If you are looking for examples for the webRDP Java Plugin that can be found on pages 21-27 of the webRDP Java Plugin Guide
            If you are looking for examples for the webRDP Gateway, that can be found starting on page 51 of the webRDP Gateway Guide

            Q: Does webRDP support audio/sound, printing, or drive redirection? 
            A: Currently no. Clipboard text and file transfer are supported.  This means that you can download or upload a file from a remote host to a local host for printing or access files on a drive.   

            Q: Why does the custom splash screen not always work? 
            A: This was an issue starting with version and was fixed in 

            Q: How do I use the encrypted parameters? 
            A: The advanced webRDP Java client license is needed to support encrypted parameters. 
            Currently, encrypted passwords are accepted with the "epassword" applet tag and the "ep" command-line parameter. 
            The proxy server configuration also accepts encrypted passwords. 
            The proxy server configuration can be specified with the "proxy" applet tag and the "pr" command-line parameter. 
            See the webRDPGuide for exact instructions on using an encrypted password: 
            Java Plugin:  http://files.lenovosoftware.com/support/techdocs/webrdp/webRDP-Java%20Plugin-Guide_1.2.pdf#page=41

            Q: Should resizing the browser cause the webRDP applet to resize the screen? 
            A: Resizing webRDP in applet mode is not supported. It operates similar to the MS Active X client, which needs to pass in the height and width when launched. Note that NPAPI plugin support has been deprecated in Chrome and Edge. Resizing is supported in client mode and on the Gateway. By default it is disabled on the client but can be enabled by using the side menu to allow resizing.  It is enabled by default on the Gateway.

            Q: How do I pass the domain along with the username to login? 
            A: Entering "domain\username" on the username field will satisfy a TS login that requires domain information, or enter the domain into the domain field. 

            Q: Does webRDP support TS Gateway? 
            A: We do not currently provide direct support for Terminal Service Gateway. 

            Q: Does webRDP support proxies? 
            A: Yes, it supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5. 

            Q: How can a port other than 3389 be used? 
            A: Enter a colon and the port number after the host name. 
            For example, entering "myserver.me.com:3390" in the Computer field would use port 3390. 

            Q: Does webRDP support the FIPS Encryption level? 
            A: We do not currently support for FIPS when talking to the terminal server. However webRDP can gain extra security by using a https proxy server to add extra encryption between the user and your datacenter. From the proxy server to the Terminal server would still be standard RDP encryption however.  The Gateway and Java client support ssl, NLA, and standard RDP level encryption.

            Q: Does webRDP support RemoteFX? 
            A: We do not currently support RemoteFX. 

            Q: Does webRDP support "seamless" application launches (RemoteApp)? 
            A: Currently no, this is slated for a future release of webNetwork. 

            Q: For the personal license - are there any limitations on the number of concurrent connections ? 
            A: No 

            Q: For the personal license - Can I open the web interface up to allow me to get to my servers ? What about allowing friends and family to connect to my servers ? 
            A: Yes, you can use it to remotely access servers on your LAN. The license is intended to limit the software to your personal use. In other words, you should not be using webRDP to provide other users with access to a remote servers or desktops. 

            Q: What keyboard layouts are supported?
            A: US English, United Kingdom English (UK), and Denmark (DA).

            For more information, please see our webRDP Product Guides:

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