webNetwork / Unified Workspace 6.4.0 Released

webNetwork / Unified Workspace 6.4.0 Released

webNetwork / Unified Workspace 6.4.0.xxx has been released on x-xx-2016 and is on the customer portal for download.  

Highlights for 6.4.0.xxx
  • Office 365 edit support for OneDrive for Business 
  • Edit with Remote Desktop Services (RDS) with Cloud Storage
  • Rebrand Template 4 to Lenovo Software
  • MSI to Mass Deploy IE webPass Agent
  • Windows 10 & Edge browser now part of browser agent wizard
  • New AirClass SSO Tile in webStore 
  • New Goodheart-Willcox Online texbooks added to webStore
  • Updated webPass Extensions (Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox)
  • Updated webRDP with clipboard file copy and notifications
  • Added SSO Legacy Form Wizard back to webAdmin
  • Increased Security Practices
    • Third party Coverity Scans of Unified Workspace
    • Removed Java Applet usage in the product
    • Review and approved by Lenovo Infrastructure Security Team

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