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System Check / Java Check fails or takes long time

After upgrading to or higher when the system check runs I get the following stack dump

  at com.stoneware.taglib.GetCurrentJavaVersion.processEndTag(GetCurrentJavaVersion.java:83)
  at com.stoneware.taglib.StonewareTag.doEndTag(StonewareTag.java:124)
  at org.apache.jsp.apps.systemCheck.systemCheck_jsp._jspx_meth_sware_getJavaVersion_0(org.apache.jsp.apps.systemCheck.systemCheck_jsp:1020)
  at org.apache.jsp.apps.systemCheck.systemCheck_jsp._jspService(org.apache.jsp.apps.systemCheck.systemCheck_jsp:159)

In and higher, the system check will go out to java.com and get the current shipping version of java.  If the relay can not talk to java.com then this will fail and can take a while to get to the failure point.

Current fix is to allow these servers to hit 

or to be on webNetwork, or higher, and create a baseline.versions file in the stoneware/config folder.  The contents should be the same data at the url above displays.  See the following article for more information on creating the baseline.versions file.

Note:  Circumventing the suggested version of Java is done at your own risk, and may open you to security vulnerabilities in those older versions of Java.

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