Slowness during login

Slowness during login

Customer noticed that after a while logins slowed way down. What are the things to check ?

1) Check if the relay object has logging turned on.
 a. If it is turned on, then check if it is configured for a DB.
    i. If it is configured for a database, check if it is set to HSQL database type.
       1. Possibly the is corrupt
       2. Shut down loader, delete /stoneware/hsql/logging.*
       3. Copy /stoneware/hsql/orig/logging.* to /stoneware/hsql
       4. Start loader back up

2) Check your /stoneware/bin/webNetwork.lax file and verify the memory settings. 

3) Check to make sure that your eDirectory or MS Active Directory is running well using publishers tips to health check. 
 b. MS AD 

4) Check that there is nothing else running on the webNetwork server that might be causing issues. 

5) Turn on debug in the :8090 management console on the loader server. 
   a. Check the Authentication preset (click RESET button to turn off any previously enabled debug options).
   b. Click the LAUNCH button to open the log viewer, to watch users login.
   c. Login as a user.
   d. Take note of the line that says "authentication process completed" to see how long it took for AD to authenticate the user. 

6) In 8090 management console on the loader run the Environment Check on the Directory tab, under the Show Advanced option.
   a. Fix any errors that show up 

7) Check that the relays are able to reach the webPassValidate URL.
   b. At login the Secure Cloud Access profile checks that URL to see what the latest release of webPass is.  If the relay is unable to reach that URL, it will slow the login process while waiting on a timeout. 

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