Remove SSO information for application in AppSelector database

Remove SSO information for application in AppSelector database

Problem:  The admin has created a webPass SSO tile that utilize Stoneware variables or hardcoded credentials.  This tile is showing the webPass key image indicating the user needs to set credentials, due to an existing webStore application that uses the same URL.


Database Connection object for the AppSelector database:

Connection Name: webNetworkAppselectorDB
Description: webNetwork Appselector Database
Database Type: Customized
Class Name: org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
Connection String: jdbc:hsqldb:c:\stoneware\hsql\appselector
Record Fetch Size: leave default
Report Server: leave default
Report Editors: webNetworkAdminGroup

Solution:  Manually remove the SSO information from the AppSelector database that houses the webStore application information.

The following steps must be performed on each UW loader that you have in your system.  Each loader has it's own copy of the AppSelector database that is used by the webStore.
  1. Open Report Builder.
  2. Switch to Query Builder Mode.
  3. Select the webNetwork AppSelector database connection.
    Username: SA Password: (leave blank)
  4. Click the iSQL prompt button.

  5. Run the following SQL commands in the prompt:
    Enter select * from ssoform  and click the Execute button.
    (This will list all of the application names defined in the SSO database.)

  6. Scroll though the SSOID column for the ssoid of the application you want to disable.  To simplify the searching process, use Firefox and it's Find feature (Ctrl-F) to search for the possible application ssoid.

  7. Enter the following commands one at a time, clicking the Execute button to run them:
    delete from ssoform where ssoid = '<stringvalue>'
    delete from ssoinput where ssoid = '<stringvalue>'
    delete from ssoalturl where ssoid = '<stringvalue>'

    It is suggested to paste them in one at a time, and run them, just to make sure each one runs without error.

Once the definition is gone, when a user authenticates, they will no longer see any of they key indicators on the tile.  SSO should then function using the saved SSO form.

Note:  These steps must be followed after each update applied to UW, as the update will reset the database back to its default contents.

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