Move webNetwork to different server

Move webNetwork to different server

*** If you are moving to a different OS, please see :

*** Keeping the same OS / version / IP
As long as you are keeping the same OS/ version/IP then all you have to do is migrate your stoneware directory by zipping the stoneware directory, copy and expand the zip file on the new server, and then use the small utility to set up webNetwork as a service (if using windows) and you can start up in a matter of minutes.

Steps for moving UW from one Windows server to another, reusing the existing IP:
  1. Shut down UW on the server.
  2. Delete the contents of c:\stoneware\temp\ (assuming UW is installed in c:\stoneware).
  3. Zip up c:\stoneware and it's contents.
  4. Copy the zip file to the new server.
  5. Check the c:\windows\System32\drivers\hosts file for any entries related to UW.  If any exist copy them to the hosts file of the new server.
  6. Change the IP of old server.
  7. Configure new server to use the original IP of the old server.
  8. Extract c:\stoneware and it's contents.
  9. Run the downloaded webNetwork Service utility, pointing it to c:\stoneware\bin\webnetwork.exe. (see below of link to the webNetwork Service Utility).
  10. Start the webNetwork service.
  11. Decommission the old server.

The webNetwork Service utility can be found at  Run that and it will let you add webNetwork back as a service on the new machine.

Other areas that might need adjustment after a server move:
  1. Copy Host file entries from old server to new server
  2. If using Clustering for the Loaders, and chancing the OS hostnames, the cluster will need to be removed/recreated to use the new hostname addresses.
  3. Anti-virus exclusions for stoneware folder, webNetwork.exe, and Java.exe
  4. Firewall rules for webNetwork ports

If the IP changes then the following will also need to change in webnetwork : 
  1. Host files
  2. DNS tables
  3. stoneware/config/stonewareloader.xml
  4. Relay Objects

*** Issues moving Stoneware webNetwork to a new server and changing drive letters.
Customer moved webnetwork to a new server and started it up and it generated the following error:

Invocation of this Java Application has caused an InvocationTargetException. This application will now exit. (LAX) Stack Trace:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/xpath/XPathAPI

The customer had the previous install on E: and then moved it to C:

If the same drive letter is not used, then you must edit the following areas of webnetwork and fix the drive paths.

/stoneware/config/stonewareloader.xml (Depending on configuration, there may not be any references in this file.)

You will also need to adjust the following objects in webAdmin:

Under Relay Admin: All Relay objects (change certificate source, temp dir, root dir, and secure dir.).
Under Report Admin: Any database objects that use HSQL.
Under File Services Admin: Any Native file nodes or Shares that may have changed like E$ to C$.

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