Lenovo Software Products

Lenovo Software Products

The Lenovo Software group produces and only supports the following products:

  • Airstack
  • LanSchool
  • LanSchool Air
  • Unified Workspace (formerly webNetwork)

Please visit The Lenovo Software website for more information on these products.

For assistance with Lenovo tablets, workstations, servers, and their included software, please visit Lenovo's Technical Support website.
Lenovo Hardware Support phone : 1-800-426-7378
Lenovo Tech Experts for Home phone : 1-855-500-1051
Lenovo Services Premium Support phone: 1-855-500-1052
Chat for Lenovo PC Support can be found here

Troubleshooting Topics for Lenovo PC's
Sign up for a Lenovo ID for easier access to Lenovo Technical Support.
Install Lenovo Vantage to update drivers, run diagnostics, identify serial number, product number, and BIOS, as well as other features.

Lenovo Tablets include: Chromebook and Yoga.
Lenovo Workstations include: Carbon, IdeaPad, ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, and IdeaCentre.
Lenovo Servers include: ThinkServer

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