LanSchool Documentation Guides

LanSchool Documentation Guides

LanSchool Classic Teacher Console 

The LanSchool Teacher Console is the interface teachers will use to manage their classroom and students.  It contains all the tools necessary for a teacher to effectively interact with students and create a controlled/safe digital environment to promote student engagement.  The console itself is very easy to use.  Many of these icons you see up top can also be accessed by the drop-down menu on the teacher console. 

For a printable guide outlining commonly used features of LanSchool, see the LanSchool Classic Quick Start Guide.

The menu is conveniently broken up into categories which best describe the tools within. 

The categories are:
  1. Demonstrate
  2. Monitor
  3. Speak
  4. Restrict
  5. Administer
  6. View
  7. Help 
If you find yourself wanting to change the default layout of the toolbar buttons, you can customize it by going to View > Configure Toolbar...

Once installed, the Teacher Console will be seen running in the system tray.  On Windows, the console can be launched using any of the following methods: 
  1. Left click the system tray icon. 
  2. Right click the system tray icon and choose "Open LanSchool Console..."
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+L to launch the console.

Teacher Console Quick Reference Card

For a printable guide outlining commonly used features of LanSchool, see the LanSchool Classic Quick Start Guide.


Online LanSchool resources for teachers. 

Opens a page in your default web browser with various helpful resources and tutorials for LanSchool Classic. 

Ask students to vote. 

Allows a teacher to create a question that students can vote on and view the results real time.  

Show teacher’s screen to the students. 

Full screen, windowed, and drawing modes are additional features. 

Show the selected student’s screen to all students. 

Asks students to take a test. 

Teachers can create self-grading tests with the following type of questions: True/False, Multiple Choice, and Short Answer. Essay questions are also possible, but they will not self-grade.   

Push a website or launch an application.

Teachers can enter a URL or application name and LanSchool will run it on the selected students machines. 

Remote control student. 

Teachers can take control of the mouse and keyboard of a selected student’s machine.  

Toggle between different viewing options

Allows you to select between viewing all student screens as thumbnails or a more detailed list view of devices in class.

Take a screenshot of students screens and save them to the teacher's device.

Send students a text-based chat message. 

Teachers can send a message to one student, a group of selected students, or the entire class. 

Open a one-way communication channel between teachers and students that uses the device's microphone.

Teachers can speak to the class, let a student speak to the class, talk with a student, or listen to a student. 

Blank students screen. 

Forces student machines into a blank screen state which can be accompanied by text or even a defined graphic.

Restrict internet access.

Web limiting can be configured for blocking or allowing defined sites on student machines.  

Restrict applications. 

Allows a teacher to restrict which apps can be ran on a student machine.  

Restrict student printing.

Limit drives. 

Allows a teacher to limit which drives a student can interact with.

Mute student speakers.

Stop all applications currently running on a student machine.

Transfer and play a local video file on the selected students. 

Show Video is not supported in environments with the LanSchool Connection Service installed.

Manage or load class lists.

Handout or collect files from students.

Shut down, power on, restart or log off student machines.

Browse the internet with selected students.

Choose a random student.

Refresh student list.

Save class list. 

Change LanSchool configuration preferences. 

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