Keywords / Tags for Search-as-You-Type

Keywords / Tags for Search-as-You-Type

webNetwork has a Search-as-You-Type feature where a user can start to type the name of a tile and have it search all of the menus and find that tile.  Sometimes you need to have additional keywords or tags for a tile.  You can do this by adding a HTML comment.

For example if your tile has a description of : My App
You can change it to: My App<!--some keyword--><!--some other keyword-->

Now when some types :"some keyword" "some other keyword" "My App"  all will show the same tile.

As a side note, you can control the alphabetical sorting of tiles using this method.
By placing a comment in front of the tile's description, you can force the tile to be sorted based on that comment.
For example, we have many customers that would want their Helpdesk tile to be the very first one in the list.
Using: <!--1-->Helpdesk for the description will put this tile as the very first tile in the menu, as we sort numbers before letters.

keywords: search, tiles, links, sort, order

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