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How to setup Analytics in dedicated SQL

Problem:  Need to move Analytics database to a dedicated SQL server.  It is highly recommended you move this database to a separate dedicated SQL server on any production installations.

Cause:  The included Hypersonic SQL (HSQL) is not designed for production environments

  • Unified Workspace or later
  • Supported SQL database already setup and configured
  • Relevant SQL script already run against database (found in the stoneware\hsql\dbscripts folder)
  • SQL JDBC driver already in place

Solution(s):  Reconfigure webNetworkAuditDB connection object, Audit service and fix Analytics reports.

Configure webNetworkAuditDB:
  1. Go to webAdmin tool
  2. Expand Report Admin and click on webNetworkAuditDB
  3. Change Database type to MySQL (or relevant Microsoft SQL)
  4. Enter IP address/DNS name
  5. Enter database name wn_audit
  6. Click Save button
  7. Click Ping button
  8. Input credentials then click Test Connection
  9. Verify connection was successful

Configure Audit service:
  1. Go to Server Management Console (
  2. Go to Services tab
  3. Right-click on Audit Services
  4. Select Properties
  5. Enter wnsql service account credentials
  6. Click Save button
  7. Right-click on Audit Services
  8. Click Restart
  9. Verify Audit Services restarts successfully
  10. Repeat steps 1-9 for every other Unified Workspace server

Fix Analytics reports:
  1. Go back to webAdmin tool
  2. Expand Utilities and select Migrate Audit/Logging
  3. Click Browser button
  4. Select OU=Stoneware and click OK
  5. Select webNetwok Audit Database connection
  6. Enter wnsql credentials
  7. Click Next Step button
  8. Choose database for catalog
  9. Click Next Step
  10. Verify completed

**It is recommended to setup your database to purge old records according to your organization's retention policy to keep your database from growing too large, as UW does not purge old records.


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