How to setup a custom icon for a link/tile

How to setup a custom icon for a link/tile

Problem:  Would like to change the icon of a link/tile to a different icon or upload a custom icon.

  • webNetwork or higher
  • webAdmin access
  • Remote access to Relay Central server (master server)
  • Custom image in PNG or JPG format

Solution(s):  Upload a custom icon or choose a different existing icon.

Upload a custom icon:
  • Remote to Relay Central server
  • Go to stoneware directory
  • Go to webserv\images\icons
  • Make a new folder called "custom"
  • Place custom icon in custom folder
  • Depending on environment, file should sync to other servers after X amount of hours, otherwise this must be done on all relays.

Choose a different icon:
  • Go to webAdmin
  • Go to Link-Menu Admin
  • Go to the menu where the link is located
  • Click on the link 
  • Go to Options tab
  • Click the Browse button on URL of Image
  • Choose image file

Additional Notes:
  • Default icon size is 150x150
  • Go to Public Images to choose custom images
  • Go to Private Images -> SecureCloudAccessProfile to choose other included images
  • On link Options, choose Image Only to show the image without the description text
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