How to see information about a specific user

How to see information about a specific user

How can I see what links and/or file nodes a user has assigned?

That information can be found using the Show User feature in the webAdmin Dashboard.
  1. Open webAdmin Dashboard
  2. Locate the user via Tree Root or User-Group Admin
  3. Right-click on the user and choose Show User Access from the context menu
  4. Click on the Submit button, at the far right of the right pane

The resulting report will show information such as:
  1. User DN
  2. User Personalization Disabled
  3. Slingshot Auto Update Disabled
  4. Session Timeout
  5. Idle Lock Timeout
  6. Password Policy
  7. Profile
  8. Acceptable Use Policy
  9. Link Sources (links/tiles)
  10. Data Provider Sources (filenodes)
  11. Report Editor Sources
  12. Form Sources
  13. Component Sources

By looking at the results shown for each item, you can see exactly what they have assigned, and how it's assigned (i.e. via an OU, Group, or directly to the user).
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