How to activate the JMX remote console in webRDP Gateway

How to activate the JMX remote console in webRDP Gateway

How can I activate the JMX remote console to debug what Java is doing?

The following assumes the default installation location was used.
  1. Make a backup copy of c:\webRDP-Gateway\jetty\webRDP-Gateway.lax
    or /usr/webRDP-Gateway/jetty/webRDP-Gateway.lax for Linux installs.
  2. Edit c:\webRDP-Gateway\jetty\webRDP-Gateway.lax
    or /usr/webRDP-Gateway/jetty/webRDP-Gateway.lax for Linux installs, using a text editor.
    Find the line that starts with:
  3. Add the following parameters to the end of that line: -Dcom.stoneware.jetty.jmx.enabled=trueSave the webRDP-Gateway.lax
  4. Stop/Start the webRDP-Gateway service

Using JConsole to view the webRDP Gateway Java process

From any machine running the Java JDK (not the standard JRE) of same bit level and equal to or higher than the one running in \webRDP-Gateway\jre\bin\:
Run JConsole from the Java JDK bin directory and connect to the webRDP Gateway server using the server's IP address on port 8004.

Java's current JDK can be downloaded from the following URL:

Getting a HEAP / THREAD dump using jVisualVM or VisualVM

If you need to do a HEAP / THREAD dump please see the following document*:

(*Note, you can jVisualVM in place of the separately downloaded VisualVM, as the JDK now includes jVisualVM in the bin folder.)

To shut the JMX debug off, remove the extra parameters added to the webRDP-Gateway.lax file.

Keywords: Heap Dump, Thread Dump, HotThreads, VisualVM
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