How many connections for webRDP HTML5 Client?

How many connections for webRDP HTML5 Client?

With RDP and the webRDP Gateway, the resource usage depends on what type of work the user is doing on the terminal server/back end RDP machine. 

In a worst case scenario:
The Gateway has an Intel I5-3570 @ 3.4GHz, 2 Gig of RAM is dedicated in the configuration file for the Java webRDP Gateway process.
About 5 users all running video (such as watching Youtube) will max out the CPU.

For 10 users with the same system where all users are doing basic web browsing, Google searches, browsing files, word processing then the same single CPU can handle 10 users.

The webRDP Gateway is CPU intensive because it has to translate HTML5 into RDP commands, send those commands to the back end RDP server, get the response then translate RDP into HTML5 commands and send them to the user. 

So when sizing your server allocate the proper amount of RAM for the operating system, plus an additional 2 Gig to be reserved for webRDP Gateway. Then size the CPU according to the # of users and the type of work they will be doing. 

Use the built in resource tools in your operating system to perform tests in your own environment based on the type of work your users are performing. 

1) Base line just the OS running 
2) Take note of the RAM/CPU after webRDP loads with no users. 
3) Run a typical user through the gateway and note the results 
4) Run several more users through the gateway and note the results.
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