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File Services Back-end Cache

As of 6.3.0.x, the File Services back-end now caches the file listings for webStorage (and My Files).
This means that if an individual uploads a file to a share outside of File Services, it will not appear in File Services (webStorage or My Files) until that cache is refreshed.

The default timeout was 30 minutes, if someone didn't trigger it to refresh prior to the automatic refresh.
In and higher, the default timeout has been changed to 5 minutes, and can be configured if desired.

For users to instantly refresh the cache, the could click the "refresh" button in the Location Panel (circled in red in the attached image).

To change this cache refresh setting, you will need to make and adjustment to the SystemConfig object, and restart the webNetwork service on your servers.

To adjust the SystemConfig object:

  1. Open webAdmin Dashboard.
  2. Expand Tree Root.
  3. Select the SystemConfig object.
  4. Change the WebStorage "Cache Idle Timeout".

    The "Cache Idle Timeout" is in seconds.  For example you would use 120 for a 2 minute refresh.

  5. Save the webStorage object.
  6. Restart the webNetwork service on your webNetwork servers.

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