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Create multiple links for one webapp.

How can I make more than one link to a webApp and have it launch a different startup URL.

Create your host object and http(s) virtual webApp and get it working for one startup URL. When editing the webApp object, make a note of the webApp DN. This is listed at the top of the properties page when editing the webApp object. It looks something like : cn=mywebapp,ou=WebApps,ou=webNetwork,o=stoneware

Make the link for the webApp using the Access control. Use a generic name that makes sense and covers the intent of the webApp, add a -rights to the end of the link name.

Assign link to your test account. Test the link and make sure it works properly.

Once working, set the webApp startup URL to / (make note of the startup URL for use later)

Assign the -rights link to all users who will eventually have access to this back end web server.

Remove the visible option for the -rights link so it does not show up the users menu.

This link will act as a way to give users rights to the back end web server.

Next, make a standard link.
We are going to set the URL to launch the original webApp name. This is done by using the webapplication's DN that you make a note of earlier.
Set the URL for the standard link to /StartWebApplication/cn=mywebapp,ou=WebApps,ou=webNetwork,o=stonewareNow take the startup url you made note up above and add it to the URL. Example, if the startup URL was /myStartupUrl then the link would have a URL of : /StartWebApplication/cn=mywebapp,ou=WebApps,ou=webNetwork,o=stoneware/myStartupUrl

Now assign this link to the appropriate users.

Login and test, this should work just like the original -rights link that you originally created.

Now make as many separate links like the above, changing the startupURL as needed.

Common questions
1) What is the -rights link for ?
Answer : All access to web applications is granted to users via link objects. If users do not have access to a link that is a web application type link then they will not have access to the back end server.

2) Why does the -rights link not need to be visible ?
Answer : Because it is just granting the user rights, all of the launching of the webApp is done with the standard links.

3) Can I have the virtual DNS name the same as the DNS name in the host file ?
Answer : 99% of the time the answer is NO, this will cause issues. If your application needs to send a certain DNS name, use the Host Authority option on the webApp to control if the webApp's DNS name is send to the back end system or the host object DNS name.
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